Multimedia installation
Dimensions: 300 x 250 x 100 cm
February 2020
StudioEo, Milan

Atémnein (from greek a- privative e -témnein, “to cut”) is born from the will of imagining a new world that takes form from a stream of consciousness. In the organig world, edges don’t exist and everything, flower seeds, lightning formations, is made by nature with curvilines lines. The hypotetic map of the new city hasn’t a preconceived form, it evolves with the experience of who inhabits it. Atémnein is an autodetermine city, that is realized through a rhizomatic process, where every core is connected to others without edges. The installation has the purpose to neutralize edges in the room. The audience can see the structure and being hugged by it, while listening the sound in the headphones that talks about how this city was born and developed. As a supplement, a QR code is on the structure and it gives the opportunity to download the sound in the headphones, while texts are collected in an editorial publication of the work.