Corpo primo
70 x 35 x 25 cm
June 2024
Sponsored by Germano Bonetti

And inside this head, how do things go? Well, things lodge there. They enter it - yes I am sure that things penetrate my head as I look, because when the sun is too strong and blinds me, it hurts me to the bottom of my brain - and yet these things that enter my head remain outside, because I see them in front of me and, to reach them, I have to move in my turn. Body incomprehensible, body penetrable and opaque, body open and closed: utopian body. [...] I was wrong to say, earlier, that utopias were directed against the body and destined to erase it: they were born from the body itself and were, perhaps only later, turned against it. However, one thing is certain: the human body is the main actor in all utopias.“ (Michel Foucault)

Starting from one of the highlights of her research, the artist aims to develop a being that is as familiar as it is alien, which takes shape from the set of organs and muscles that, without scientific ambitions, lead back to weeping. The organs, glands and muscles recounted in this work are not those actually involved in the physiological process from which weeping springs, but they are a personal interpretation linked to a shared perception of a violent, or subdued, act, which remains obscure and incomprehensible in its manifestation and which for the artist represents a liberating act.