Cradle for heavy souls
Iron, felt and a stone
Dimensions: 160 x 150 x 50 cm
February 2022

A heavy soul is like a boulder. It is a stratified treasure, a proliferation of stone, calcifying on the bones, crushing porous existences to the ground. But it is also the honour and burden of having witnessed, having assimilated, becoming materially the world. Lucrezia Costa brings a device that empathetically accommodates bodies of solid souls; a possibilistic organism proposes the kind offer to these burdensome souls to rest their limbs, giving them an opportunity for lightness, lifting them from the burden of everyday life, embracing them in a warm and suspended nest. The iron skeleton supports a soft bed, covered with felt, a material that conserves heat and shields the dispersion of energy. The work celebrates care and transparency, ritual and static repetition, the recognition of being limited but decisive; the gifts of rest and quiet are manifested in a restorative gesture, portrayed as a projection of the freedom of being able to abandon oneself. Cradle of heavy souls stands dignified as the offering of a refuge, the call to imagine and establish places of sensitive connection free from pretension and interference.