Intertwining the community
Duration: 30 minutes
9 July 2022
Tiresia, Carrara

“On July 7, 1944, a displacement notice appeared in the streets of Carrara: the German command ordered that within two days the town would be evacuated, except for the families of workers employed in the Todt Organization who were fortifying the defenses of the future Western Gothic Line. The occupation forces want a deserted city that will not give administrative or orderly problems. Above all, they want to make a desert around the first nascent forms of the partisan movement. Things, however, will not go according to the plans of the Nazi-fascist authorities: it will be the women of Carrara who will stop them. The CLN and the Women's Defense Groups (Gdd) begin to mobilize: leaflets appear on the streets of Carrara calling on Apuans to disobedience. A word of mouth is also activated that escapes the meshes of the fascist police: "do not leave the city" is the watchword that runs from house to house. The day scheduled for the evacuation, July 9, passes without anything happening, and the movement takes on body and courage: at the vanguard is a small nucleus composed of militants such as Ilva Babboni, Francesca Rola, Sandra Gatti, Nella Bedini, Renata Bacciola, Lina Boldi, Lina Del Papa, Dorina Mazzanti, Mercede Menconi, Odilia Brucellaria, and Renata Brizzi. They prepare placards with the words "We do not want to evacuate" or "We are not moving from the city": the goal is a large demonstration in front of the German command.”

For the whole duration of the exhibition the artist left on a long table inside the gallery the phormium and some bradawls so people can engrave their names on the leaves. On 9th of July the artist takes all the leaves engraved and shape a basket with all the names of the community. She gifts the basket to the space so the community of Carrara is united in a symbolic shape that reminds to the events of 1944.