Mourning the glacier cloth ( with Sympoietic Society)
Textiles and sound (4’ 58’’)
Variable dimensions
July 2023
Casa Parco dell’Adamello, Cevo (BS)

The place in which the Sympoietic Society collective positioned a glacier cloth (a ten meters textile put in the river with the aim of witnessing the traces of water) on Saturday 24th July 2023 near to Fabrezza is gone. A hailstorm hit the valley and changed their plans. Big rocks and trees fell down the mountain and covered the water flow. It is so astonishing the way you always find yourself in the only situation you didn’t take into consideration. But it is also true that this is just one of the many manifestations we’re having of the climate change, the reason why the collective is doing all of this.

During the residency the collective dealt with indigenous knowledge and Lucrezia Costa had the impression that all the sounds the locals played with horns and woods were vibrating with the same frequency of something invisible and deep that lies between her lungs and her diaphragm. The dimension was so critical and delicate that she just took it, like a punch in the stomach, without asking questions.

Between the day the collective installed the cloth and the day they decided to try to rescue it from the storm place, many emotions and relations went through her body and a mental demanding hike did the rest. She recognized her limits as a human very well, but this thing that is alive and moving through all her body during the hike, during the horn’s play and also while looking at the glacier cloth rescued made her feel impressive connections.

The glacier cloth was installed as a sacred vestiges inside a not consecrated church, while the sound piece realized by Lucrezia that sum up most of the feelings the collective lived during this deep and undefined time was played all around the place and surrounded the cloth which became a trace. A trace of the disaster, but also as a reminder of our relation to the world.