souls engaged in defeating entropy
Raw clay 
Dimensions: 33 x 16 x 14 cm
Property of private collection
October 2021

Everything cracks under the pressure of geological time, even two hard and dense solid black rocks. Sea and rain corrodes them, they change their shapes and from being so near to touch them they become distant, smaller, and the gap becomes always bigger. But two souls which are one can survive to time, to entropy, they can defeat it and being able to realize a deep connection that goes through time, through difficulties, through lives. That’s the reason why the artist decided to sculpt this image and use art to freeze a moment, because we are a work of art and as one, we can go through everything.

The artist affirms: “I worked in two different ways during the first and the second try. For the first sculpture I worked by addition, creating the two heads separately and then the base, in a process that provoked cracks caused by the fact that I wanted to attach together different pieces of clay without a technique. The result was a sculpture that resisted but that gave me an impression of exagerated lightness and a thread like shape. What I created at first was something I liked but I was not satisfied with shape and heaviness, and in this particular work I didn't want cracks to appear. So I decided to work differently for the second try, and I approached the matter in a more mature way, working by subtraction. I took this twenty kilos brick of clay and I started to dig with my fingers and with some tools until I didn't see the two heads coming out from the base in a technical continuum that would prevents cracks. When I realized the second try the sculpture had a new sense: conceptually it was not anymore the fear of losing someone I love and a try to keep two bodies together from two different blocks, instead it was a process that from one block made two souls emerge, both with their own personality and individuality, but from the same amount of matter. It was similar to a birth: we born together from the raw matter, with a new maturity that made us conscious that even if separated, we were, we are, and we will alsways be one, no matter what”.