Stare scomodi per essere 
Concrete, iron, marble and recycled stones
Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 45 cm
February 2022

The sculptural seat made of concrete and recycled stones functions as a reminder that is important being uncomfortable sometimes, because this generates attention and mental ferment as a consequence. Since it’s more difficult to provoke mental discomfort in a society that tames us, experiencing the physical discomfort is a way the artist found to trigger a finer perception and mental attention.

Mundus patet. The world is opening.
It welcomes the signs of the passage.
Fossils coming from far away.
But the world also leaves a permanent sign. Fingerspitzengefuhl.
Bandkeramiker created holes in the ground at home.
Hands, fundament and feet’s sensitiveness in important. But it’s gone.
The eye doesn’t see forever.
The memory neither, it fails.
Time makes everything decadent.
But experience remains signed somewhere.
And when the eye forgets.
And when the body forgets.
A memento is useful.
It’s useful to let the world leaves a sign on us.
We are the fossil body.