Two whom it may concern X Moleskine foundation
Moleskine notebook reenact
Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm
Property of Moleskine Foundation
February 2022
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What is under the ground is hidden to the easy sight and so it’s somehow protected, or forgotten. How’s life under the most superficial surface? Why we, as humans, tend to put into the “underland”, what which we fear and wish to lose, and what which we love and wish to save? These questions came out while working on another question, “What comes first?”.

“I wanted to answer to these interrogatives by archiving inside my notebook during the workshop, something I wanted to leave behind, metaphorically “under the ground”. The piece is thought both as a coffin and as a folder that has something inside and that can’t be seen anymore. It is classified as an archive document with an anonymous tally that says “Two whom it may concern” and with sample holders that seals off the notebook inside”.