Trentatré ovvero tre rampe da undici gradini
Terracotta, sound 4’ 23’’
Variable dimensions
September 2022 - ongoing

This works is born from a reflection of the artist after reading  Corpi mutanti by Tiziana Villani that is also involved in the sound design part of the work, and La società senza dolore by Byung Chul Han. In the past grief and pain were used as a symbol of power by rulers, then, they became silent and invisible with the panopticon by Bentham, and now, in the postmodern era, grief became useless since it’s something that obstacles production. But grief is the common ground of us as human beings, and this is the reason why the artist is creating a partecipatory archive of grief where people, by answering to some questions about this theme, becomes active participants of the work.

The questions are public but the answers are private and they are secured in a locked archive that is exhibited in the final installation but it’s not consultable. The artist then realizes a terracotta mask for every person who answered that deals with the answers she received from each person.

The final installation looks like a wall, or an entire space, full of masks that represent anonymous but collective griefs and Tiziana Villani’s voice in the background that reads the narrative parts of her book where she speaks as she was a dog. The result is an impromptu community around the work, people who share a knowledge.

The restlessness that comes out from the vision of this wall of unknown identities that struggle everyday with grief stimulates a reflection about how much space we give to our inner feelings of sadness and fear in the era of psychotropic drugs and of the “everything-positive”.

The archive is open to new answers and it is always ready to welcome new griefs. To partecipate in the archive people can fill in the small papers exhibited in the installation with the masks or answers with an online form by following this link: