Lucrezia Costa (b.1996) is an Italian visual artist living and working in Milan. She attended LABA in Brescia and obtained her bachelor's degree in photography with a dissertation outlined with the help of mentor Giovanni Gastel. Costa then moved on to her master's in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA, Milan, where Lucrezia deepened her knowledge and cultivated her interest in the visual arts. She exhibited at Galleria Ramo (Como), MUDEC (Milan), Artefici del nostro tempo (Venice), and she was a finalist of the Exibart Prize 2021.


The artistic research of Lucrezia Costa (b.1996) is woven into an emotional journey that generates profound attitudes in the relationship with the sensitive and the unknown. By evoking existential characters dictated by the traces of ghosts and wounds, it triggers projections in the signification of pulsating materials. Through the persistence of the excavation, the investigation and the deepening of the obsessive rituality hidden in the gesture of repetition, Lucrezia proposes living symbols of a relational tragitory marked by ruptures and sutures, which rise up in the noisy but quiet reproposal of a destabilising abstract of their essence. Considering fatigue, sacrifice, commemoration and absence as integral parts of a process of institution and recuperation, she positions volute stones in an astral composition. These coordinates are distributed between the fertile soil, yet always close to a devastating earthquake, and the folds of a flesh that, scratched, is an inexhaustible source of explosive fractures, radiating ice between the furrows of poignant vitality, seething and welding the fragile with the ductile, sculpting the solid darkness with sparks of light and drawing energy from the scars.

text by Riccardo Vailati