Lucrezia Costa (b.1996) is an Italian visual artist living and working in Milan. She attended LABA in Brescia and obtained her bachelor's degree in photography with a dissertation outlined with the help of mentor Giovanni Gastel. Costa then moved on to her master's in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA, Milan, where Lucrezia deepened her knowledge and cultivated her interest in the visual arts. She exhibited at Galleria Ramo (Como), MUDEC (Milan), Artefici del nostro tempo (Venice), and she was a finalist of the Exibart Prize 2021.


Lucrezia’s practice is like a Möbius strip: all her interests stratify by following a repeating sequence that it’s never exactly the same, there’s always a slight but perceptible difference. In this strip it is possible to pinpoint different themes that are always connected and layered in her works: the archive as a way of creating a relation with the audience, emotions as a revolutionary tool to get out from a performativity logic, being uncomfortable as a moment for paying more attention to what surrounds us, and time that is firmly intertwined in her practice with concepts such as entropy and stratification.