©Matteo Cariddi

Lucrezia Costa (b.1996) is an Italian visual artist living and working between Milan and Casalpusterlengo. She attended LABA in Brescia and obtained her bachelor's degree in photography with a dissertation outlined with the help of mentor Giovanni Gastel. Costa then moved on to her master's in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA, Milan, where Lucrezia deepened her knowledge and cultivated her interest in the visual arts. She took part in various exhibitions in Italy and the UK while conceiving and developing a couple of performances commissioned by MUDEC, Milan. She is one of the artists in residency at ViaFarini, Milan, whilst showcasing her work at "Artefici del Nostro tempo - The milk of dreams", Venice, as one of the selected finalists of the group show.

Since the beginning, Costa's practice has been characterised by a laboured selection of elements borrowed from vernacular architecture while suggesting new sustainable ways of inhabiting our planet. She then started to explore the field of geology, investigating the depth of the earth and how it reflects our human character. Ecology is a theme close to the artist's heart, as through the study of the "Oikos", she ventured into a thorough state of physical and mental discomfort that she experiences as an artist and a human being. Through her work, the artist tries to slip inside the cracks of the unknown and bring to the surface lost fragments of the subconscious lost in the abyss of the human mind. The artist then link her interests in the concepts of temporality and spatiality to the process of physiological decay and its consequential pain, a sentiment shared by all living things on this planet.

by Vittoria Martinotti